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Over the years, CoastalCo Real Estate has grown from a local investment company which aimed to offer local investors prime investment opportunities within the residential and commercial real estate industries, but has expanded and grown to become a major player in multiple markets for residential and commercial real estate. 

We still offer our clients various investment opportunities including turn key rental properties, however, we are proud to share that we have expanded into the luxury market of East Fort Lauderdale. 

Turn Key


When it comes to real estate investing, location is everything. We all hear "location, location, location" but it's not just a cliche saying, it's actually a very important statement. That's why we are based and operate primarily in Florida. We have investment opportunities scattered throughout the country, because there are tons of markets that are just as great as Florida, and oftentimes even better. But we know our market well and are able to capitalize on this market more due to our network and influence in the area. When it comes to investments, your investment is only as good as the people involved. It's very easy to miss those key elements that make your investment the most valuable they can possibly be, especially when you don't have the experience or knowledge needed to capitalize on every opportunity that each individual investment presents. 


Your average local or novice investor will generally invest in real estate hoping the market takes the property higher in value through appreciation, which is great but most miss out on key elements such as commercial investments with low barrier to entry, residential investments that rely on things like the rent price purchase price, not to mention how things like interest rates and their personal debt to income ratio may affect the returns the investor will see. Many people don't understand key investment concepts and end up locking too much of their capital into investments that don't bring them returns worth their time. This is where investors without much experience could use guidance, especially when they are looking for better returns and are willing to expand past their comfort zone or opportunities they may be familiar with. 

Our turn key investment strategies solve these common problems, and we offer the solution to you at a price that literally pays for itself...again and again and again. 

CoastalCo Real Estate is dedicated to the community. Our values run deep and are the driving force behind the decisions we make in our investment ventures. 
It is very important to us to continually improve our community through our efforts and keep in mind the best interests of our fellow residents. 

We develop areas where the members of our team personally live and own property, so we have personally vested interests in the wellbeing of the communities in which we work. 

When the community thrives, when our neighbors are happy, the world is a better place. 

We are always open to suggestions for improvements and all suggestions are processed directly through our innovation team. We welcome any ideas to help improve our levels of creativity, innovation and compassion. 

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