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We are a trusted brand that provides the highest quality service at all times. We provide top tier service in every aspect of the real estate investing and property management industries. We designed a process that takes the headache away from investing your time and money into real estate related projects. In these industries, big problems are quite common and unavoidable; what we do best is turn those issues into opportunities. Our innovative approach gives us a sharp advantage because we are able to create unique solutions that provide beneficial results rather than average results for our clients. To get a better understanding of our value, schedule a time to speak to someone through our contact portal here

Our mission is to dominate the real estate industry in South Florida by providing the most exceptional service to each client in every way. That may sound cheesy and cliché, but we firmly believe in quality over quantity. We know that our strong morals and efforts are what keeps us strong. By evaluating each and every aspect of the projects we work on, we are able to produce a better outcome than most, simply because we care about the outcome more than our competition. 

Property management is often an overwhelming task for landlords and even professional management companies. A lot of time, these companies do not have a strong system in place to help streamline the management process which leaves landlords in the sidelines waiting and paying the price. We have a process in place that sets expectations to our tenants and saves landlords costs associated with maintenance requests and protects them and their assets. Request more information to learn more about our company and how we can help you!


We brought together an amazing group of people who all have their specific area of expertise and love what they do. In order to provide the ultimate outcome, our entire team works together to generate ideas and make plans that work to your benefit. Our project managers then initiate those plans and assure they are being carried out properly, suggesting alterations as needed.

For example, in our renovation projects, our designers work directly with the contractors and realtors to find the most cost effective way of producing the desired outcome while bringing the highest increase in property values. 

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CoastalCo, LLC

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